a commission for a picture of john reading rose one of karkat’s terrible trollmance novels while she sits in his lap


finished act one… have some sticker doodles!

higher quality


For Grimdorksweekly!

I would imagine if Rose managed to procure the means to time travel or something, she would end up using it to gain the upper hand in pranking.

(this is pretty dumb sorry)


Wait, whoa. John was nervous? Your friend just became an ultra terrifying lovecraftian monster speaking in eldritch lore and you are nervous because “Damn, that’s a fine black hue, girl!”

John has nerves of steel and I will here no other possibility. Either nerves of steel or pure stupidity.

Or maybe, just maybe, this is what real friendship looks like.


Gt John and Grimdark Rose today!!


Happy Sakuracon everyone~


W-what? done what? ha… haha… caught in what act? there is no act here to be caught in

(rose help they’re onto us)

solemnpancake asked: While I shipped it before I found your rather lovely art (I just really love simple + colorful) your JohnRose art is one of the many things I use as inspiration for musing over it. Put simply, your one the many influences I encountered that refined this ship for me.


I’m blushing like mad oh gosh, Thank you so much!


i don’t remember drawing this wtf




MTAC DAY 1 part two

I know The Signless!!!! Her url is twistingdragon!!!

Omfg Holyballs it’s me! /hides
I had lotsa fun as Signless today!! Omfg

Anonymous asked: who do u think would be better at romance? john or rose?


I’ve got this headcanon that John always used to imagine he’d be a fantastically romantic and suave boyfriend, but when it came to actually dating and actual person he’s really fumbly, like he’d blush super hard when he took Rose’s hand the first time and if she takes his first he can’t form words at all (their first kiss happened because Rose got sick of waiting for him to go first so she grabbed his shirt and pecked him, he couldn’t look at her for two minutes), but after he gets used to the idea he will do something A LOT, so now he’ll take Rose’s hand just because and kiss her a whole bunch sometimes

Then again I don’t think Rose would be very fluent in romance either, so she’d attempt to be romantic and then feel embarrassed about whatever happened but John would be like “no, it’s okay, that was sweet!”

Short answer: neither, and it’s great


Rose and John play Just Dance.

TT: I can’t believe you talked me into this.

EB: Don’t even pretend that you’re not loving this!

Rose is me, John is my brother here!


The big four of before. {Get it? Get it? Because Post-scratch universe and..they’re older that originally than uh…never mind}

The more wrinkles I put on John the ruggedly handsomer he gets, why John, why??