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bnmmmf thank you for the resend anon <333!! /tucks rest under a read more….. because. AHEM

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Anonymous said: can i request some grimdorks? anything grimdorks


[Quick little future fic snippet!]

When he gets into his office for break, Rose is there waiting for him and there’s more stuff on his desk.

(A wind up robot, a hopping Godzilla, and three little rubber monster ladies to complete the set already started there.)

“Rose, I’m running out of space here! Can’t you store your weird knick knacks some where else? Like your own office?” There’s practically no space for him to put his lunch down!

“Well technically yes, but I can’t have my students knowing that I like things like this I have my reputation to maintain after all. You, John, are a “cool” teacher.” Rose makes air quotes around the word cool and John would probably be offended if anyone besides Rose did it. Besides, the older he gets the less he cares even the tiniest bit about coolness. “It is accepted that your office will be a house of frivolity and hijinks.”

“It’s too bad that they don’t get to see this part of you. The frivolous hijinks part.”

Rose waggles the little monster finger puppets on her hand.

“I think I like it better this way, though. When there are things just for us.”

And he kind of has to agree.

Three’s Company (5)


part 4 | part 6

You wake up in definitely not your bed. There’s not nearly enough space and some jackass is taking up like half of it- wait what happened, last thing you remember is something about the middle of Highlander. You scuffle around, messing up a blanket that looks a lot like Rose’s handiwork. Sollux groans and rolls over you. You hear a very suspicious click, and worm your way up to see a blurry Rose leaning over the back of the couch with what’s gotta be her phone.

“This is incredibly adorable. Thank you, John, for your participation in creating my new wallpaper.”

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Anonymous asked you: can i request grimdorks fanfic? for a prompt, maybe them trying to cook together?


“No, you idiot, you gotta turn it flipwise.”


“No, seriously though you gotta-”

“I’ve got it, Johnathan.”

“But yo-”

“Stop trying to help!”



Paff. A very viscous half done pancake, burned slightly, contacted the ceiling and thereafter remained.

Rose turns her head to narrow her eyes at her partner.

John bites his lip, and tries not to grin.

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pairing: johnrose

word count: 250

tags: smooches, awkward teenagers

sorry its so short :o

“This is, um…”


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Anonymous said: can i request something grimdorks with rose sending risque photos to john


why yes you absolutely can

Your name is John Egbert, and at this point, you really should have known better.

You should have known by the unlabeled file sent to you without so much as a “hello” that opening them would be a bad idea. Or really, since this was Rose, you should have known that trusting any image she sent you would only end in disaster.

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Oh hey I did a flashfic prompt a while back and was too tired to post it then forgot about it completely. Here it is! An exact 100-worder too, and I went a bit stream of consciousnessy towards the end.

She’d counted at first, Rose had, counted John’s strokes, counted the powerful, pistoning thrusts he pressed on her, so eager to tabulate, analyse, appraise, but she’d fallen by the wayside halfway to her first orgasm, and now she didn’t know what she was doing, just moaning, screaming, revelling in her womanhood, legs on his shoulders cock spearing the very core of her over and over and she was howling for more he bent over kissed her on glossy black painted lips then her neck then he whispered:

“Here’s number two.”

and she came, convulsing, falling back, shouting out his name.

some kind of snibit thing


So I’ve been developing the plot for a grimdorks AU that was brought up a while back, and I have a rough draft of a part of one of the chapters here.

I just thought I might post it since the theme this week is music. :o

Like I said though; this is a first draft. It’s rocky, choppy, and not to well written yet. It also ends abruptly, whoops.

Also here, you might want this.

            You’ve always enjoyed the way the bow glides over the strings. Your fingers dance and jump across the set of strings in perfect timing. The whole act in itself is perfection which is quite satisfying to you. You always make time for yourself to play alone after school. It was a great way to cool down after another day full of stupid people and rude remarks. You’ll admit that you are not actually supposed to be in the music room right now, however. The time is three o’ clock, and you were expected to be in the school psychologist’s office for counseling over ten minutes ago.

            You face the windows of the darkened room and continue playing despite your worries. You hate counseling anyway. The way they treat you like some sort of a broken toy really pisses you off. Focus, Rose, focus. Focus on the song. All of that stress can float away with the music that is drawn from under your bow. You don’t give a damn where you’re supposed to be, because right now, you’re free as a bird.

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"Pleeeaaase can we play this piece together?" John groans as he holds the sheet music in front of her.

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saccharinescorpion said: JohnRose fanfic prompt? How about... John tries to knit something to impress Rose and it ends up coming out really weird


*cracks knuckles*

"Seriously John. You have to come out of there sometime. We’re going to be late."

"No seriously Rose, I’m good. I’ll be out when it’s time to go."

"Six hours John. You have been in your room for six hours."

"Look, I’m doing fine, why don’t you just…I don’t know, read? Yeah, reading. You like reading. Just read until I come out, okay?"

"We better not be late John."

Rose sighs as she returns to her room. Ever since they started living together, John has always been like this, always acting so awkward around her. It was obvious he had something planned, another attempt to bolster his ‘prankster’s gambit’ as he liked to call it. There was little doubt that she was going to find out just what he had planned to prank her.

He always puts so much effort into his little plans too. For Valentines Day he had got Rose custom chocolates that were made to look like little squids, then made various quips as she ate them. At least the candy was delicious.

Rose sits down on the edge of her bed and does indeed start reading. But that could only hold her interest for so long. Her mind decides to keep up with something tangible, something that she can work at with her fingers. Thank goodness John introduced her to knitting all those years ago, it was a rather calming practice.

She gets up to look for her yarn and needles. Except they can’t be found. Rose wanders all around her room looking for the blasted things and they are nowhere in her room. This was indeed a strange event, where could they be? Did Jaspers somehow run off with the ball of yarn again? Or…

Of course.

He goes back to John’s room and swings the door open. John is sitting at his desk chair, blushing heavily in surprise once she enters. But that is not the oddest thing in the room right now. What is odd is the utter jumble of yarn at John’s hands, wrapped haphazardly around the sewing needles, tangling his fingers, knotting over each other in some kind of…thing.

"May I pray tell ask what this was supposed to be?"

"A knit hat…I was kinda hoping that I could be able to figure out how to knit so you could wear something I made for your for our date. But instead it sorta turned into one of your grimdark monster thingys. Heheh…whoops."

Rose couldn’t help but let a warm smile stretch slightly across her lips. She walks over to John and starts untying the chaotic strands of yarn. Which is a challenge in itself because good lord John, it was a noble effort but how did you even get this far. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll show you how.”

"But what about our-"

She kisses John on the cheek. He immediately shuts up and looks bashfully back at the pandemonium surrounding his hands. 

"I’ll teach you tonight."

Fic request: rose and John both have bad dreams so they end up making tea together talking together until they fall asleep


((Im making this rebloggable by request, im going to delete the other one so this can be the official UwU)) 


You don’t even know what time it is any more, you stopped checking the clock in hopes it would help your insomnia. Ever since the game ended, sleep seems so unnatural for everyone. You start to wonder if she’s awake too, she probably is. She’s probably having the most trouble of all of you, you’d say.

You tumble around in your sheets for a moment and slowly begin to rise from your bed. Your glasses are right where you left them on your side table. You shove them up the bridge of your nose and look around the dark room. You’re not sure why your getting up to see her, but it seems reasonable seeing as you can’t sleep. She’ll probably have something up her sleeve for you, she usually does.

The floor creaks under your feet as you tip toe down the hall, trying not to disturb any of your other friends. Thought the darkness, you manage to stumble upon her door, which was left slightly ajar. The creaking of the hinges makes you wince as you push it open and slide into her room.

“Rose…?” There’s no response.

You can tell she’s faking it, you see right through her. You smile a teeny bit and wander over to her bed nimbly.

“Rose, I know you’re awake,” you whisper, but there’s still no response.

So she wants to play this game, huh? You know exactly what to do. You sit down on the end of her bed, looking back up at her head, which he has stuffed into her pillow. Trying to keep from giggling, you tap her feet from above the covers.

“Roooooooose…!” You sing softly to her, hoping to get a response this time.

“John, what is it…?” Her voice makes you jump, even though you totally knew she was awake, anyway.

“I can’t sleep!” You whine to her, bouncing a bit on the bed to make sure she pays attention to you.

And then she’s silent again, back to ignoring you. You frown a bit, annoyed with her ignorance.


“John, what do you suppose I can do for you, it’s midnight,” she mumbles and kicks you from under the sheets, you can tell she’s trying to get rid of you.

“I dunno… I thought maybe…” You’re actually not quite sure what you want from her, but soon it hits you, “Rose, let’s have tea.”


“Let’s make-“

“I heard you the first time. It’s almost two in the morning, though.”

“But you can’t even sleep either!” You whine again to her.

She’s silent once again, but it’s different this time, as if she’s deep in thought about your last comment. But then it’s all so obvious to you. You realize why she can’t sleep.

“You’re having nightmares again aren’t you…?” You speak more gently this time leaning closer to her restful body. Your humor begins to fade.

She’s slow to respond again, but you can see her eyes are wide open and troubled, and they answer you all on their own.

“Me too…” Your whisper is barely audible.

Seconds pass, and now you’re starting to get anxious. She really is struggling, and you don’t like that.

“Tea will make you feel better you know…” You tap her feet again, trying to break her thought barrier.

“John, don’t make me drag you back to bed,” she shuts her eyes and turns her body over.

You won’t have this any longer. Rose Lalonde was going to have to get up. You rise up from the bed, only to fling yourself onto across body in a lazy flop. There’s a sharp shout of protest as she immediately begins to kick underneath your torso. You giggle as she tries to kick you off.

“John. Get. Off.” She’s pretty strong for someone her size, and stronger than you thought.

“Not unless you get up.” You fight her back for fun, hoping to wake her up a bit more.

All at once she stops kicking you. You catch her throwing her hands over her face in annoyance. You can tell you’ve won, and she’s not too happy.

“… You’re the worst…” She groans and sits up sleepily.

“Love you too, Rose,” you jest at her vexation, in a sing song way.

You sit up and shake you messy bed hair out of you eyes, a smile of success still imprinted on your lips. She’s sitting up now too, and stretching her legs out in front of her. The world is quiet, and it’s a good kind of quiet. It’s the kind of quiet you’d want when your sitting next you the girl you’re in love with. Peaceful, not awkward. The two of you sit together for a while before the silence is finally broken.

“… Do you still want some tea…?” She turns her eyes to meet yours.

“… Yeah.”

You have a feeling it is going to be a long night.

Oh dear I hope that was okay… I’m a bit rusty. I hope you liked it, anon, and if you have any feedback or CC you may leave me another message in my inbox. UuU

The Tears of a God


Finally finished pt. 2 of this! What do you do when you have a random uncalled for anxiety attack? You filter that stress into an angsty grimdorks fic.

I have to say, once this fic took off it went pretty well. I’d say it turned out quite decently.

Both part one and two are now on the archive as well. Here is the new archive version of part one!


— tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] —

TT: John are you there? 
TT: Did you figure out what was in that box you found? 
TT: You said it belonged to your dad, right? 
TT: John?

— tentacleTherapist [TT] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EB] —

            Your name is ROSE LALONDE, and you are currently rather concerned about your BEST FRIEND. He messaged you about an hour ago, making talk of a BOX he found in his LATE FATHER’S room. He had seemed excited about it at the time, but now he’s not responding like he said he would. You know John has a tendency to be a jerk sometimes, but you feel like something’s a little off this time around.

            You recall the last conversation you had with the boy before he went mysteriously idle.

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